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If you want to get on your company on TV and you need a helping hand, Add on TV could be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re an Advertising Agency without a full time TV department or if you’re a company that wants to create a presence on TV or build interest with internet videos and virals, you can draw on our vast experience to guide you at every stage. As described in the ‘What We Do’ section of this website you can use us for any individual task or combination of tasks from clearances and licensing to script ideas, budgeting, facilitating or versioning. In short, we can become your TV department, without the overhead.
Alternatively, you can use our production wing, Mad on TV, for the full production package. We’re proudly based in Manchester and we’re mad on making TV Commercials, hence the name. I’m sure we don’t have to explain the many facilities, benefits and sheer good value of being based in Manchester, the UK’s second media City. If you look at our Home Page you’ll see several examples of our recent work, many for first time on TV clients. Our team have come together from both the TV Advertising Agency side and the TV Commercial Production side. We have all worked together over many years. Our combined experience and enthusiasm makes us an invaluable asset for any company planning or handling an important TV campaign.
lyndsey manchester ads on tv

Lyndsey Goodwin - Agency Producer

lyndsey@adontv.co.uk tel: 07887 875099

Edward is very unusual in this business because he is that rare combination of a hands on film producer who is also a hands on art director. Like Julian, Edward also started in the animation business, as a background artist. He is actually a talented fine artist and painter which combined with his production savvy makes him very influential in the way a production is put together and styled. He also has great people skills and is brilliant at putting hand chosen teams together and getting the best out of them. He knows every detail of how the productions fit together and how every penny is spent so there are no nasty surprises either during or after all the singing and dancing and shooting has come to an end. Edward and Julian have collaborated for many years most notably with their award winning Manchester production company Kronfli Duliba Productions.

Julian is a vastly experienced and highly creative commercials film director who has recently directed the Boux Avenue TV commercials through Mad on TV (see home page for this and more examples of his work). Interestingly, he started his career as a drawn animator and if you look at his films you’ll see that this has coloured his work ever since. As he often likes to explain, animation makes you have to plan everything out in advance, because in animation, nothing will happen by chance.

julian manchester ads on tv

Julian Kronfli - Director

julian@adontv.co.uk tel: 07740 256895

Heading up the Agency side of our business, Lyndsey’s TV Advertising background makes her a font of knowlege and extremely efficient at dealing with all those aspects of a production that would give most normal people a severe headache. From script clearances, licenses and legal issues to artist negotiations, repeat fees and rotation schedules, it takes a certain sort of brain and she’s got it. Until recently she ran the TV department at the Tom Reddy Agency, handling all their major TV campaigns including Vimto, Macro, Lighterlife, and Iceland Foods (for over 10 years). Lyndsey also has an instictive understanding of advertising in all its forms and can always see the bigger picture which makes her an invaluable asset at the planning stages and in making the TV work in the context of a larger campaign.

ed manchester ads on tv

Edward Duliba - Producer

ed@adontv.co.uk tel: 07740 256894

This makes him place great importance on pre production, storyboarding, and timings, as well as always being on the lookout for elegant filmic solutions and injections of humour. Even when not directing his experienced eye will instantly pick out weaknesses and strengths in a script or storyboard and come up with ingenious ideas to move things along. He is also a keen editor and professional photographer which makes him a very useful contributor at any stage of a production.